Convert Airtime to Cash

Convert airtime of all Nigerian networks to cash at the cheapest possible rates
API Integration

Implement our API into your website to start receiving airtime payments for your products and services
Wordpress Plugin

That your e-commerce website can make use of our Wordpress Plugin to include airtime as a mode of payment



Quickly convert your airtime to cash

Cheetahpay is the cheapest, fastest and the most reliable way to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.

Sometimes we have so much airtime than we actually need and wish that we can get the money (Naira) equivalent of this airtime. Cheetahpay is always there for you. We are trusted by thousands of Nigerians to safely monitize their airtime at the cheapest rates possible. You can convert airtime pins or already loaded airtime.

We are open for business 24hrs of the day and every day of the week including weekends.


Discover top level features and benefits of Cheetahpay

Fast & Easy
Our systems are extremely fast and highly reliable. All Deposits and Withdrawals are processed in the shortest possible time (Usually within 3mins).
No unnecessary delays
You must NOT create an account with us to convert your airtime. Simply use the Quick Cash option and have your money delivered directly to your bank account.
API Integration
Websites and Ecommerce stores can seamlessly integrate this platform into their websites using our freely available APIs. Wordpress users can also install our plugin.

How It Works

Convert your airtime to cash either by entering recharge pin or by transferring the amount you wish to convert to the SHARE AND SELL Phone number provided on the deposit form. Cheetahpay provides 2 ways of making deposits:

Deposit From Dashboard
With a Cheetahpay user account, you can recharge multiple airtime cards, receive payments and donations from people.

All transactions will be recorded and you can grow your balance. This system attracts cheaper charge rate than the "Quick Cash" method and it's relatively more convenient over time.
Quick Cash
Quich cash lets you convert your airtime to cash without need of creating account with Cheetahpay.

All you have to do is click on this link, supply the airtime and bank details. Your money will be processed and delivered to your bank account within 5 mins

API & Web Integration

API Gateway
Developers and website owners can integrate Cheetahpay to their websites using our APIs. Integration is easy - click on the developer section of the user dashboard to generate your API credentials.
Goto our Github repository for our API documentation.
Feel free to contact our developer support for more enquiries.
Wordpress Integration
Wordpress/Woocommerce websites can include Cheetahpay as a payment option. To achieve this, generate your API credentials in the developer section of your dashboard, Then download and install our "Cheetahpay Woocommerce plugin" from wordpress store. Setup the plugin with the API credentials and you're good to go.
Payment Page
If you do not have a website but wish to receive airtime payments and donations from users/friends/clients. With Cheetahpay, you can generate a Payment Page where your donors can make payment directly to your Cheetahpay account.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cheetahpay is an online platform that converts Airtime of all networks to Cash at discounted rates.

Visit to create an account.

To convert your airtime to cash, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your account
  • click on the deposit button - this takes you to the deposit page
  • From the displayed dropdown, select Airtime Pin mode if you have the airtime pin, otherwise select Airtime transfer mode
  • Fill the rest of the form approriately and submit
  • If you are sending the airtime via transfer, copy out the phone number that is displayed on your screen
  • Then, go offline and manually transfer the airtime to the copied phone number
  • Check your Cheetahpay balance to confirm that your deposit has been credited
  • Request for withdrawal by clicking on the withdrawal button and your bank account will be credited within a few minutes

Withdrawals are attended to instantly. If after 5mins of requesting for a withdrawal and you are yet to get a bank alert, Kindly use your bank app or any nearest ATM to check your balance....

If not still reflecting, you can reach us via phone or whatspp on 2348030550475

You can transfer as much as you want. It's actually unlimited.
Yes, Cheetahpay accepts airtime of all Nigerian networks
All deposits received are always confirmed in less than 5mins. If you are sure that the airtime you sent was marked invalid on the website, Kindly contact the Customer care with the evidence of transfer.
All withdrawals are processed instantly. If yours delays, then it might be due to a delay with your bank network. If after 20mins and you are yet to get your alert, Kindly contact us through any of our customer care numbers.
Kindly Call/SMS/Whatsapp us on 07062453689