How to Convert Airtime to Cash

With Cheetahpay, you can convert airtime of any network to money. The following steps below describes the simple and easy steps involved.

  1. Sign up Cheetahpay and login
  2. Click on the deposit button on your dashboard
  3. Select a deposit mode (Either "Airtime Pin" or "Airtime Transfer")
  4. Fill the form accordingly
  5. Manually transfer the airtime (For Airtime Transfer Mode)
  6. Recheck Cheetahpay balance after a few mins (2-5mins)
  7. Finally, Request for withdrawal

The above steps are very easy to follow and can be completed within 10 mins. Continue reading to get the full explanation of each of these steps

Step 1: Register and Login

Create a Cheetahpay account Sign up and login Login
Cheetahpay Signup

Step 2: Click on the deposit button

Logging into your account takes you straigth to your dashboard. On the menu are some of the services we offer. Clicking on the deposit button is your first step to converting your airtime to cash.
Cheetahpay User Dashboard

Step 3: Select a deposit mode

Cheetahpay offers 2 forms deposit: "Deposit With Airtime Pin" and "Deposit Via Airtime Transfer".
Use the pin deposit option if you still have the recharge card pin. Cheetahpay systems validates and recharge the pin for you and credit your wallet with the corresponding amount.
When the pin is already recharged on your phone, use the airtime transfer option
Cheetahpay Select deposit mode

Step 4: Fill the Deposit Form

Enter the amount you wish to deposit (Cheetahpay automatically calculate the monetary value of your airtime as you key in the amount), Enter the recharge card pin if you are using the "Deposit by Airtime Pin" mode or Enter the phone number containing the airtime you want to deposit (if depositing by "Airtime transfer" mode).
Click on Submit after filling the form
Cheetahpay deposit form

Step 5: Manually transfer the airtime

Now (if you're using the "Airtime Transfer" mode), go offline and manually transfer the stated amount of airtime to the Cheetahpay phone number displayed on your screen. A brief guildline on how to transfer airtime for the selected network is also presented on the page
Cheetahpay guideline to transfer airtime

Step 6: Recheck Cheetahpay wallet balance

After transferring the airtime, wait for a few minutes (typically 2-5mins) and recheck your Cheetahpay wallet balance by refreshing the page. Your wallet balance will be updated with the monetary value of your airtime.
Cheetahpay check wallet balance

Step 7: Request for Withdrawal

Your airtime has been validated and your Cheetahpay wallet balance creditted. You can now request for withdrawal by clicking on the withdraw button and fill in the amount you wish to withdraw. Withdrawals on Cheetahpay are processed within 5 mins, so expect your bank alert shortly.
Cheetahpay request for withdrawal
These processes might seem long because we have taken time to describe every step involved, be rest assured however, that it is quite simple and completed with 10mins.

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